Claim Your Altar

We’re foolishly letting the comedians who created Comedy Church use AI to design the cults of the future. Claim your free-to-mint AI driven Altar to join in the most absurd NFT project you’ll see this crypto winter.

Get an Altar. Join a Cult. Get a PFP.

If crypto winter has you down, maybe you should join a cult?
Comedy Cults is blending the absurd with the amazing as we unleash comedians and community on AI that generates PFP NFTs. In 30 days, those holding a free-to-mint Comedy Cults Altar will be randomly assigned one of three cults. Like a sorting hat for DeGens. Gasp! Which cult will you get? Each cult will have the opportunity to join a series of live calls where their cult’s PFP NFTs—the cultists—will be designed live by the comedians who created Comedy Church, a for-real artist, and an image creating AI who most certainly loathes your soul.
Each Comedy Cult PFP NFT will be unique. And while we’ll have those silly attributes and rarities you all seem to eat up, we have no idea how the comedians and AI will interpret them. Get an Altar, it’s free for the love of… some god. Grab a drink. Get assigned a Cult. Lower your expectations. Join live. Watch the insanity. Bow before thy god.

Who’s Behind Comedy Cults?

The same a**holes who brought you the world’s first NFT comedy production, Your Mom’s House NFTs, Hannibal’s Comedy Jambb, and put over $1,000,000 into comedian’s pockets. But what do we know?
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